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Matrix Carbon technology by Fantom Bikes works under the following principle - To strengthen the matrix of the epoxy resin, the carbon mars are enriched with special nanoparticles leading to an increase of up to 40% in the impact resistance of the construction of the final component. This increases the overall quality which helps our carbon bikes that are often subjected to notable strain.


We design and build functional and beautiful bicycles


SAT provides superior precision in wall thickness distribution. Smooth and tapered transitions eliminate any abrupt change in material thickness. With our careful heat treatment process and post-weld operations, we create a sleek finished structure that is advanced in strength and looks.


Specialzed design of brake-disc dropout for our frames with integrated mounting possibilites for rear kickstands.Optimal torsion during tough braking is achieved thereby adding to the safety aspect.


Hassle-free alignment and easy installation of disc brake calipers is possible by using 'posts' at the front and rear dropout. Through utilization of differently dimensioned adapters, adaptability of different disc sizes is achieved.


29" wheels have excellent rollover, grip, braking, efficiency and stability. 26" wheels triumph in speed, weight, wheel robustness and handling. 27.5" wheels provide us with the best of both worlds in terms of rollover, speed, acceleration, handling and stability.


Thru-axels at the front and/or rear wheel offer various advantages - high torsional stiffness and accurate positioning of the brake rotor at all times. This ensures easy wheel installation.


Turning 'on' the lockout while riding on smooth surfaces or uphill terrains, increases the pedal efficiency. The loss of energy attributed to the bike suspension is thus controlled to an extent.


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